Reality is nonlinear.
Cardano Pool Relay Distribution (Source:

As of epoch 245, there are 1,646 active Cardano (ADA) stake pools around the world. The live stake of ADA sits at 22.24 billion — 69.8% of the circulating ADA. This is staked by 163,930 delegators. Cardano is the most decentralized network in the world (source:

Let’s travel around…

Decentralization in progress! Where ADA is staked around the world (epoch 237). Image source:

If you have Cardano (ADA) you ought to stake it with an independent Stake Pool Operator (SPO). You can stake your ADA using either Daedalus (a desktop downloadable wallet) or Yoroi (a light wallet available as an app or browser extension). There are other ways to stake (ie. Binance, Atomic…

I bought my first cryptocurrency on 19 December 2020. I put $100 AUD into Bitcoin when the price was at around US$23,500. I received 0.00331 BTC. Bitcoin had rallied to over US$20,000 a few days before. Over the next days and weeks Bitcoin continued to rally — throughout Christmas and…

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
~ The Oracle of Omaha

Image source:

Private health insurance in Australia
Australians are pressured to take out private health insurance by the time they turn 30 years old. If you do not have private health insurance by 1 July after your 31st…


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